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This game is cool.

Neat stuff!

Thank you so much for following me, man! I followed you too!

Gave it a go...

Oh hey Step, it's me, the person who recommended you to play this game!


Thanks for playing my game. You actually understood everything about the meaning of the game. This is something I really care about, that people understand what is the point behind the story of the game and not just playing it. I really appreciated your video and what you said in the end. Thanks man.

Really ? i didn't think you'd say so, thanks man, i mean i think at least the majority of who played this should've understood it like me, and believe me, i'm not always the "completely understood" type of person, i was just being myself. Anyway thanks for this nice reply. Bye!

I gave your game a try and found it very emotional and meaningful and deep, so i really liked it. It was a clever idea to have the game take place in one, single room, that's unique. Hope you end up making more.

Without further ado, my video :

Hope you enjoy! Bye!

Thanks for playing. I really appreciate that you get the point about making it in only one room, it was one of the most important things of the game.

Thanks again for your video!

No problem, man. And about the game being in one room, i think it's kinda of obvious. Anyway thanks for the nice reply. Bye!

When I tried to run the exe it said RGSS-RTP Standard not found.

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Sorry if I'm responding just now. I'm very sorry about this. I'm looking for a solution to this problem. Basically, for what I'm reading online, to play this kind of game, made with RPGMaker XP, you have to download and install RPGMXP. Now I've found another way to include the data in the game. I'm uploading a new version of the game that hopefully will work even if you don't have RPGmaker XP installed.

Again, sorry about this, and thank you so much for telling me about this.

No worries. Thank you for figuring it out. I'll try it again this weekend.